"My father believed that we should treat everyone with respect and equality and seize all opportunities to help others. This vision of the world fits perfectly with WiRED's tenets. As a member of the board, I am honored to continue the sense of stewardship my dad inspired in me and be part of an organization to which he was strongly dedicated."

—Allison Kozicharow,
Richard Gilbert's daughter.





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WiRED mourns the loss of board member, Dr. Richard Gilbert


Granddaughter Maggie Kozicharow (left) and daughter Allison Kozicharow with Dick Gilbert

WiRED's board and volunteers are deeply saddened by the death of Dr. Richard Gilbert on January 6. Dr. Gilbert was a founding member of WiRED's board and a long-standing supporter of our community health programs abroad. We will miss so much about him and particularly his wise advice and counsel and extraordinary sense of humor.


"Dick was a treasured friend and mentor and a bright light for so many of us."

—Gary Selnow,
WiRED Executive Director

Dr. Gilbert earned two graduate degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary and then served as a writer-producer for the Presbyterian denomination in the United States. He also founded the School for Continuing Education at Princeton University. Dr. Gilbert served as an executive editor for NBC-TV for 15 years and always maintained his passion for communication as a writer and consultant.


"Dick is a rare person who has contributed so much to humanity. His passing is a great loss for WiRED and the needy of the world. We will sorely miss him."

—Virgil Scudder,
WiRED Board Member

Dr. Gilbert was a guiding force during the early days of WiRED's efforts to establish Information Centers in the Balkans. He believed that replacing war-ravaged libraries with Internet resources not only brings children and adults into the vast new world of information, but also builds democracy for people hungry for freedom and progress. Dr. Gilbert was a strong advocate of WiRED's new efforts to provide community health education in developing regions.


"Everyone at WiRED will truly miss Dick and his good heart and sage advice."

—Suellen Crano,
WiRED Board Secretary/Treasurer

A World War II veteran, Dr. Gilbert was a twice-wounded and decorated veteran of combat with the 94th Infantry Division in France and Germany. His awards include a Silver Star and a Bronze Star for heroism. (Read WiRED's story about Dr. Gilbert's trip to Washington D.C. to see the WWII Memorial.)


Dr. Gilbert is survived by his wife, two daughters, four grandchildren, two step-daughters and four step-grandchildren.


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