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"Our aim is to elevate the level of health knowledge within communities; our dream is to reach a threshold of knowledge where entire communities see prevention practices as the norm, where people are sufficiently informed to support each other on matters of good health."




Who We Are

WiRED International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that has been delivering medical and health education to conflict-affected and underserved regions since 1997.


WiRED provides health education to underdeveloped areas by delivering programs, equipment and coordinated health instruction. Over the years, the organization has opened facilities in 15 nations, while NGOs, medical schools and hospitals in many additional countries have adopted its programs for community health education. WiRED serves remote regions and, when appropriate, supplies laptops, projectors, solar equipment and complete health training libraries.


WiRED’s educational programs are technology-based and peer-reviewed. Since the 1990s the organization stored programs on floppy disks and CD-ROMS and today relies on the Internet and flash drives. Complete health training programs, using computers and projectors, can be operated in remote communities entirely on solar equipment the size of a desk blotter. With this technology, people can bring hundreds of training programs beyond the grid to the most distant places. This opens health education to people who have long been forgotten by other programs.


All WiRED resources—online and on portable media—are cost-free to users.