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"Educating a sufficient number of people about healthy practices, sign and symptom recognition and likely treatments of common illnesses can, we believe, elevate the health of the entire community."




What We Do

WiRED International delivers cutting edge, technology-based health education tools to communities in underserved regions. WiRED has worked in war zones, natural disaster areas and in some of the world’s most remote and impoverished places.


WiRED’s Center for the Development and Distribution of Health Education Programs offers interactive training modules free of charge online and for download on portable media. This virtual Center, which draws intellectual content and resources from regions of abundance, processes it for new audiences and distributes that information to regions of scarcity.


Launched in 2011 the WiRED International e-library of more than 300 medical and health education modules enables physicians and nurses, patients, health workers and communities to address the prevention and treatment of both infectious and non-communicable diseases in developing areas of the world.


All training modules are developed by WiRED International’s team of physicians, medical editors, imagers and technicians along with a host of other medical experts. The team continually updates the existing material and creates new modules to provide a rich source of health information.