WiRED International Releases Zika Module for Community Health Workers as Zika Crisis Grows


Wired International now offers its third Zika module, Zika for community health workers (CHWs). This rapid response module informs CHWs about Zika virus infections and discusses diagnosis, treatment, prevention measures and travel advisories.


The CHW module is now available online in WiRED’s Health Learning Center, along with a Guide for General Audiences (also in Spanish and Portuguese) and a Zika Infection and Pregnancy module (also In Spanish) written by the Pan American Health Organization. WiRED has Spanish and Portuguese translations of the CHW module in progress and will post them on the website as soon as possible.


Before the Zika virus was widely known as a serious health threat, especially to pregnant mothers and their babies, WiRED had already written about it and developed health-education modules to inform people in the affected areas of the risk. WiRED remains committed to delivering the most current information on Zika and other health issues to our audiences around the world.