WiRED International Observes World Blood Donor Day




he World Health Organization (WHO) has designated June 14 as World Blood Donor Day. This year’s theme is “Blood connects us all.” The campaign presents video stories of those whose lives have been saved through blood donation and seeks to encourage blood donation, especially from young people who have never given blood.


WiRED International’s Health Learning Center offers more than 350 educational modules to address the prevention and treatment of infectious and non-communicable diseases. Although some modules deal directly with blood disorders such as anemia, blood transfusion factors into treatment for many medical conditions.


Blood transfusions save lives and improve health. An adequate supply of safe blood can be assured only through regular voluntary donation. Consider becoming one of the 108 million people who donate blood each year.



How much do you know about blood donation?


Answer these sample questions from the World Health Organization quiz.
For all test questions and explanations of answers, go to the WHO quiz page.


1. I can donate blood at any age.


2. When I donate blood, I am at risk of acquiring blood-borne diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C.


3. How often/regularly can I donate blood?

 Every four months
 Once a year
 Every two years

4. The needle prick sensation I will experience during blood collection is very painful.




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