WiRED International Announces the Release of a New Training Program on Ebola



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iRED International has expanded our training program on Ebola with the addition of a module designed for students and their families. The new module reviews Ebola basics, including signs and symptoms, preventive measures and approaches to treatment. The module aims to give teachers, parents and others who work with children a tool to explain Ebola and reduce fear while providing proper precautions and practical measures for populations everywhere vulnerable to the illness.


While WiRED International continues to distribute our original Ebola module in West Africa, we are stepping up our efforts to educate Africans on this deadly disease before it can advance.


 Here are sample Facebook comments on
 our Ebola module from people in African

 “God Bless u in the struggle”

 “The info should be sent worldwide disease
  respects n fears no one! Cuts across all

 “It is good to learn”

 “I like this! it is good way of helping people!”

 “You do such great work. Thank you,
 WiRED, for all your humanitarian efforts in
 the world”

Testimonials are pouring in from Africa from people anxious to learn about Ebola. Our coordinators at a clinic in Pandipieri, Kenya, reported on a training session targeting nurses, clinical officers and community health workers. They had all received Ebola awareness training for the first time through WiRED International’s Ebola module. A follow-up class resulted, which included medical students eager to access the Ebola information. Another health worker in Liberia described the Ebola module as “very well done, comprehensive and user-friendly.”


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A lengthy testimonial came from a trainer for an American corporation: “I went through the entire module (answering every question correctly because of how well you covered the information). It was extremely well presented, culturally sensitive and yet, in my opinion totally accessible to a variety of cultures, including ours here in the U.S.” She added that “The presentation does not mince words or act as a palliative; it is very clear regarding how serious the situation is. Yet it reassures us by presenting series of facts and giving clear concise instructions on what to do to minimize risk.”


WiRED International plans to release an additional Ebola module in the near future, designed for community health workers. As always, our goal is to involve people actively in their own health in order to eliminate the inequality of health knowledge so sadly present in remote and medically starved regions of the world.


Our organization’s health education process gathers information on a given topic from medical experts, peer reviews it, packages it and takes it to the field in the most underserved areas of the world. Our unique training educates a community through group presentations, which create a mutually supportive learning environment where people discuss, debate and examine health topics from a local viewpoint. The process engages people in the content and binds them to each other in the discovery of healthy practices. WiRED's Community Health Education library is accessible at wiredhealthresources.net



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