WiRED International’s Certificate Program Awards 49 People—Including Eight at the Highest Level



Recipients of
WiRED International’s Community Health Education Certificates



Juma Michelle Akinyi
Francis Okumu
Robert Ouko Ochieng
Magdalyne Odhiso Onglinjo
Judith Achieng’ Odhingo
Wyclief Omondi Olilo
Joan Kayaja Kidiga
Felgona Atieno Otieno


Elizabeth Ochieng’ Okoth
Joseph Oloo Alaka
Sarah Awino Oduor


Lillian Dajoh
Joseph Ochien’g Otiende
Robert Opiyo
Anthony Okoth
Hemptone Onyango
Olivia Otieno
Millicent Okoth Owidi
Hillary Feona Owuor


Effie Achieng Omondi
Rose Anjela
Sally Akinyi
Kennedy Wamungu
David Omondi Gombe
Feshal Bakari
Stephen Mugunde
Dickens Muga
Erick Agai
George Otieno
Elvince Ogutu
Christine Atieno
Austine Kevin
Kevin Otieno
Kevin Mark
Elizabeth Olilo
Everlyne Imali
Agnes Bosibori
Violet Opiyo
Catherine Maende
Florence Atieno Wasonga
Elly Awandu
Roselyne Okumu
Steve Wonder Okello
Sylvester Buluma
Joseph Onyango Ouma
Evans Ouna
Nicholas Ochieng
Felix Opiyo Otieno
Collins Omondi


iRED International’s Certificate Program continues to attract community members in Kisumu. This go round 49 people earned certificates for the completion of modules from WiRED’s Community Health Education collection of 300+ topics. (Last year, 28 people earned certificates.) Eight people earned a platinum certificate—the highest certificate level—for having successfully completed more than 40 health modules. Three people earned gold certificates (25 modules), eight earned silver certificates (15 modules) and 30 earned the entry-level bronze certificate for completing at least five modules


Platinum Certificate recipients

Francis Okumu

The Certificate Program encourages community members to study a given module, and, when they're ready, to take a comprehensive exam on the material. To qualify, they must pass with an 80% mark or better. Certificates are not offered as accreditation, their purpose is to confirm successful completion of the training programs.



Certificate recipients




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