WHO Declares Investing in Nutrition Will Save Lives

WiRED Offers Free Health Trainings on Nutrition


Proper nutrition from infancy throughout adulthood is key not only to survival but to lifelong health and well-being.


The World Health Organization (WHO) just released a report calling for health services to make nutrition a top priority, stating that doing so could save 3.7 million lives by 2025.


WiRED International’s e-library contains 400+ health training modules available online for free access. Some modules deal directly with nutrition and many others emphasize the topic. In particular, we stress nutrition all through our Mother and Child Series modules so that people in underserved communities can learn about healthy diet and practices before a child is born.


WiRED’s modules on nutrition specifically include:


WHO designates the following interventions as paramount to good nutrition: providing iron and folic acid supplements as part of antenatal care; delaying umbilical cord clamping to ensure babies receive important nutrients they need after birth; promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding; providing advice on diet such as limiting the intake of sugar in adults and children and limiting salt intake to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.


WiRED urges everyone to learn more about the nutrition that the human body requires at different stages of life to meet its nutritional needs for proper growth, to maintain health and to prevent disease.











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