WiRED International Training Programs Inspire Kenyan Aaron Masiga




aron Masiga works as a nurse’s aide at a government health center in Kisumu, Kenya. When he was a teenager, he first learned about WiRED International when staff from a WiRED center visited his school. Afterwards Aaron decided to go see the WiRED facility for himself.


Once at the WiRED center, Aaron studied training modules on the computer from WiRED's Health Learning Center collection. He educated himself on topics on health and disease that affect his community, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers and HIV/AIDS.


His new-found knowledge gave him the confidence to attend nursing school in Uganda, where he passed his exams. Aaron returned to Kenya, and for the next few years worked at various hospitals. Today he is working towards his nursing diploma and still visits the WiRED Center to access health information. He also enrolled in WiRED’s Certificate Program.


Aaron said, “As you at WiRED prepare to celebrate your 20th anniversary, I send you my deepest appreciation for the job you are doing and pray that you continue. People here in Kenya need your support. And please continue educating the public about health and continue visiting schools so that we can stay healthy for upcoming generations. Your work is helping us, and I am proof.”


"Your work is helping us, and I am proof."
— Aaron Masiga



Thank you for donating to enable WiRED to continue its cost-free global health education programs.





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