WiRED Team Travels to Kenya

Executes Busy Agenda

Mt. Ararat


In September a WiRED International team led by WiRED Director Gary Selnow, Ph.D.,
completed a busy week of health-related activities in Kisumu, Kenya.


WiRED is nearing completion of an extensive curriculum to train community health workers (CHWs) in low-resource regions around the world. Kisumu is one of four test sites where a group of 15 people will undergo a rigorous training program lasting three weeks. During a recent trip, WiRED’s team made provisions for the test. They settled on a location, worked out hardware and logistics matters, interviewed trainers and completed other arrangements for the program, which will begin early in 2020. Researchers at Claremont Graduate University will carefully examine all aspects of the program during the three-week test. After any necessary revisions, WiRED will distribute the training program globally.


WiRED has developed an electronic medical record (EMR) system for clinic operations at the Kisumu Urban Apostolate Programmes (KUAP) Pandipieri Center. During the visit, the WiRED team reviewed details of the EMR system and confirmed small changes for the database system, which has been operating in test mode during the past 12 months.


Also on this trip, the WiRED team awarded certificates to 54 graduates of our health training program, which encourages community members to study modules in the WiRED Health Learning Center. Each module has a comprehensive final exam, and to qualify, students must pass with an 85% mark or better and complete the number of modules commensurate with the level of the certificate. Certificates recognize an accomplishment and are not offered as accreditation.


In addition, the WiRED team carried out three dental health training sessions involving some 350 young people. They gave nearly 500 toothbrushes donated by WiRED volunteers and their dentists to students who took the class and to children who last year went through our dental health class.


Finally, the WiRED team provided mothers with clothing for their young children. The clothes were donated by WiRED volunteer Diana Purucker. The distribution took place at a nutrition training program where mothers and their children were provided high-nutrition food donated by KUAP.


This visit, like many before it, allowed WiRED and its staff for KUAP programs at Pandipieri and also at Obunga to connect in person with the communities we have supported for nearly 20 years.













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