Kevin Mark—Proud Recipient of WiRED’s Bronze Certificate


Fifteen-year-old Kevin Mark has a remarkable story.


He comes from Obunga, an impoverished community near Lake Victoria in western Kenya. Many residents there cope with serious housing issues, from leaky roofs to poor insulation. Access to safe clean water can be challenging, putting the people at risk of diarrhea, cholera and other diseases. Coping with difficulties in everyday life can also hinder getting an education.


But Obunga is a spirited and determined community. And despite the hardships of life there, Kevin embodies Obunga’s spirit and is clearly committed to making it a better place to live.


Hungry for knowledge, Kevin responded when he was told about WiRED’s Community Health Information Center (CHIC) in Kisumu, near his home. Touched by his curiosity and motivation to learn, the “CHIC officials,” as Kevin calls them, offered him access to CHIC’s library of modules covering everything from basic anatomy to health care and disease prevention. Kevin knew right where to go when his classroom teacher assigned a research unit on HIV/AIDS and malaria. He told us, in a brief note, how he went to the Community Health Information Center to research his project and found all the information he needed. Then he said, the next day, where others in his class were unable to explain the illnesses, he offered the findings from his research at the CHIC and explained everything.


But Kevin didn’t stop there. Inspired to learn more about diseases in his community, he began studying additional modules to expand his knowledge. Motivated by his own initiative and a passion for learning, he took on the challenge of WiRED’s Certificate Program, digesting a wide range of complex material and demonstrating his proficiency by passing exams with an 80% mark or better. For his accomplishments to date, Kevin has received WiRED’s Bronze Level Community Health Education Certificate!


Kevin is the embodiment of WiRED’s philosophy: to “spread the knowledge I got” and work to engage his community in its own health. At only 15 years of age, he is already an inspiration and role model. Yes, he is remarkable!