National Public Health Week Is April 6–12, 2015



National Public Health Week is here!


To get the ball rolling, President Barack Obama issued a proclamation declaring National Public Health Week and acknowledging the value of public health workers to our country every day.


In his statement, the president said, “This week, we join together to declare our intent to rise to the challenges of a changing world and meet our moral obligations to protect the health of our country and the well-being of the next generation.


“Last year, as Ebola spread in West Africa—overwhelming public health systems and threatening to cross more borders—American women and men responded with extraordinary courage and dedication, traveling to the front lines of the outbreak and leading preparedness efforts here at home. Driven by their sense of duty and a commitment to serving a cause greater than themselves, public health professionals rose to the challenge at home and abroad and turned the tide of an epidemic.


“Public health is the foundation for a brighter tomorrow. … During National Public Health Week, we recognize public health professionals and all who care for the welfare of others, and we recommit to doing everything within our power to build a world where every child can enjoy the limitless possibilities of a healthy life.”


National Public Health Week is the perfect time to learn more about WiRED International! Explore our website or go to our Learning Center to access our free medical and health education modules.






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