WiRED Module Teaches Armenian Children about Dental Health




Armenian dental session

rmenian children at the Orran NGO (nongovernmental organization) celebrated World Oral Health Day by learning about dental hygiene. Health learning events, employing WiRED’s training modules, have been sponsored by WiRED Armenia, our close partners on many critical community education projects.


In many places in Armenia people have no way of learning about proper dental care. WiRED’s modules, translated into the Armenian language by volunteers, offer valuable information on dental and oral hygiene to help people prevent serious dental problems. These training sessions show correct brushing and flossing techniques and describe why dental care is so important, not just for teeth, but for overall good health.


“I want to thank you for guiding me in the correct path, and starting now I will brush my teeth
in that way.”
– Armenian girl learning about
dental care from
WiRED module.

Satine Manukyan, a nurse working with the Orran NGO in Yerevan, routinely organizes seminars for children on various health topics. This time she and her colleagues taught pre-teens and teenagers about dental hygiene using materials supplied by WiRED. She said, “The children were impressed and asked many questions, which was very exciting. After our discussion they promised to brush their teeth the way they were taught today and to follow good dental hygiene.”


The Armenian children watched a video showing how to brush their teeth and prevent bad odor and decay. They completed the WiRED module on dental health and were proud to say they answered all the quiz questions correctly.


Click image to see video

In the following video, provided by Nurse Manukyan, the girl said, “I want to thank you for guiding me in the correct path, and starting now I will brush my teeth in that way.”


Watch the Armenian video of the dental training class here.


WiRED offers several modules on dental hygiene and dental problems in our Learning Center library. These modules cover the practice of keeping the mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue clean and healthy to prevent disease. The modules also present a brief overview on the most common dental problems and their prevention. See earlier story.




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