Makeover Complete for WiRED’s Learning Center



WiRED International’s Health Education Learning Portal has a new look!


In addition to redesigning our main website, WiRED also renovated the website for our Learning Center.


Now WiRED offers a clearer and more simplified approach to accessing its more than 350 medical and health education modules.


Each module gives a brief description to help users decide which modules to select. Some modules are designed for grassroots audiences and others for medical professionals. We continue to translate our modules into as many languages as our resources permit. 


We are in the process of upgrading our offline access features, which will allow users not only to view each module online but also to download it to their computers or thumb drives. At present, users must download the entire library, but soon they will be able to download the specific modules they're interested in. Then users can access the training programs directly from their own computers and share them with others.


As always, every WiRED module is free to all.


Note: All of us at WiRED thank Ann Britton, of Banana Design, for her creative work on the new layout of our Webpages; and we thank Matt Lang, our IT and Web coordinator, for applying his skill and IT craftmanship to implement the new design. Very nicely done, folks.





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