WiRED's Health Education Modules Enable Community Health Worker to Stay Current
in Her Profession

By Studying WiRED’s Modules, She Also Earned a Training Certificate


Lency Mmbone is a 24-year-old community health worker (CHW) who lives and works in Obunga, one of the poorest areas of Kisumu in western Kenya.


In a testimonial sent to WiRED International, Ms. Mmbone said, “I want to thank WiRED for providing free health information materials to the vulnerable settlement of Obunga Slum.”


Ms. Mmbone earned a certificate from WiRED’s health training program after passing a rigorous test on a variety of health topics. (For details on WiRED’s Certificate Program, see earlier stories on the general program and on the mother and child program.)


Lency Mmbone

Studying WiRED’s health learning modules has helped Ms. Mmbone remain up to date as a CHW and expand her health knowledge. She now reaches out to young at-risk girls and boys in her community to teach them about diseases, disease prevention and the danger of unsafe behaviors. Her CHW background and her certificate from WiRED have helped her encourage young people to participate in the certificate program and to educate themselves about health issues.


Ms. Mmbone is a successful example of improving health by providing CHWs with additional training on a range of health issues, including infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, hygiene, proper nutrition and mother and child health concerns.


WiRED is nearing completion of an extensive curriculum to train CHWs. We will launch the pilot project in Kenya, Armenia, Nicaragua and India, where researchers will carefully examine all aspects of the program. WiRED will then expand distribution globally for the benefit of underserved people everywhere.


Ms. Mmbone said, “I would like to thank WiRED again for the program. Keep supporting it in schools, communities and other learning institutions. And keep providing more learning materials!”









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