WIRED Completes Module Express Series


WiRED International now offers 16 new or revised “Express” health learning modules in both English and Spanish.


Welcome to the Learning Center


This collection of modules provides educational tools to strengthen the capacity of communities to prepare for, prevent and address the individual and community-level challenges posed by a range of infectious and non-communicable diseases. Some of these modules are designed for community members, and some for community health workers. Many modules are appropriate for school children so they can learn about basic biology and health.


These tools are developed by our team of physicians, medical editors, imagers and technicians along with other medical experts. We recognize that not all diagnostic and treatment procedures presented here may be available to everyone who uses these modules. Our policy is to provide information about the most current thinking and research to allow communities to understand the range of options.


The volunteers at WiRED wish to thank the volunteers at Translators without Borders for their professional translation of all Spanish-language modules in this Express collection.


We invite all communities to use and share these modules freely, and we welcome suggestions and comments at: contact@wiredinternational.org.

WiRED created the Express modules for grassroots audiences who need quick and concise introductions to a topic. These modules deliver reliable and useful health training in an hour and fifteen minutes. Topics cover a wide range of issues from anatomy and illness fundamentals to pregnancy complications and rheumatic heart disease.


Why translate the Express series into Spanish? Because WiRED’s next trip into the field will be to Peru. We chose the module topics based on the input of doctors working along the Amazon River. This week, the WiRED team will travel to the Peruvian Amazon where no power, much less Internet, exists. The batteries that drive our modules need about a day to charge from three small solar panels in order to run a projector for a group training session.


How will the Express modules be used? People can access the modules by themselves, although we are urging communities to hold group training sessions; we have configured the modules for both applications. We provide step-by-step lessons ideal for individual and group presentations, and we built in Q-&-A’s that reinforce key concepts just presented. This stimulates group discussions and helps make the lessons more relevant to individuals and communities. The new modules follow this formula, while bypassing some of the technical details typically found in our regular health training modules.


While the Express project was designed specifically for our upcoming work in Amazonas, the modules will be available on our website and for downloading at no charge to a global audience.


Readers can access the list of the Express modules in Spanish and additional Spanish-language modules at our Learning Center.