WiRED Completes Ebola Module for Health Care Workers



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ealth care workers (HCWs) play a critical role in the international community’s efforts to stop the spread, and prevent the recurrence, of Ebola and other devastating epidemics. Now WiRED International offers an educational program to help HCWs follow safe and effective procedures in addressing the needs of Ebola patients. The module, now in English, will soon be available in French.


WiRED International’s training module covers infection prevention and control (IPC) measures that healthcare facilities should follow to prepare for and to contain an infectious disease outbreak (focusing on Ebola virus disease outbreaks). This module follows the strict guidelines put in place by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The module addresses procedures for infection control in a healthcare setting, general patient care and environmental cleaning and waste management. Through video, diagrams, photos and quizzes, HCWs will learn about topics such as hand hygiene, conducting interviews to trace contacts of infected persons, locating and identifying cases, isolation and transport of patients and precautions and equipment to protect themselves.


The CDC stated that “Improving infection control and protecting healthcare providers from Ebola infection is critical to providing reliable basic health care and stopping the epidemic.” [http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/hcp/non-us-healthcare-settings.html]


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Ebola infections among HCWs have occurred in almost every outbreak since the discovery of the Ebola virus in 1976. Ebola infections among healthcare providers can have devastating effects on healthcare systems and on the communities they serve. Such infections have led to closures of health facilities, distrust of the health care system and direct and indirect loss of the health care workforce.


WiRED International’s HCW module joins two already available Ebola modules and a special handwashing module; together they round out our Ebola package, which is now available and being distributed throughout Africa.


HCWs provide critical and lifesaving health services, particularly in medically underserved regions. WiRED International offers them the tools—free of charge—to address the needs of Ebola patients while protecting themselves. Training HCWs helps further our mission to end inequality in global health knowledge.


Ebola—Information for Health Care Workers in Community and
Health Care Settings. This module discusses the following:

    • IPC Measures in a Community Setting
    • IPC in a Health Care Setting
    • General Patient Care
    • Direct Patient Care for Suspected or Confirmed Cases of Ebola
    • Environment Cleaning and Management of Linen
    • Waste Management
    • Non-patient Care Activities




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