Chikungunya Disease Module Now Available

WiRED International just posted a module on chikungunya disease to our Community Health Education e-library.


Designed for grassroots audiences, this module describes chikungunya disease, its prevention, symptoms and treatments as well as how clinical signs can be confused with and misdiagnosed as dengue fever. The course is interactive and contains colorful graphics and quizzes spaced throughout to help people retain the facts.


Chikungunya disease is caused by a virus transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes. (See earlier story.) The main symptoms of the illness are fever and severe joint pain, often accompanied by headache, nausea, fatigue and rash. Treatment focuses on relieving symptoms. Joint pain is often crippling, bringing about a contorted appearance in people with severe cases.


There is no cure for chikungunya disease. Serious complications are not common, but can contribute to the cause of death for people at risk—newborns, older adults and persons with underlying medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes or heart disease.


All WiRED International’s modules are peer-reviewed and free to be viewed and downloaded from anywhere around the world.