WiRED International Observes Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day


On April 24 WiRED International joins with colleagues and friends in Armenia to remember victims of the Armenian Genocide. WiRED’s volunteers around the world reach out to our partners in WiRED International – Armenia Centers on this solemn occasion.


In 1915 there were an estimated two million Armenians living throughout the Ottoman Empire and surrounding regions. Between April 24, 1915, and the end of 1923 the Ottoman government systematically exterminated one and a half million Armenians. They were either killed outright or died from starvation or disease after being placed in concentration camps.


WiRED has worked in Armenia since 2013 to provide programs that allow doctors, healthcare workers and community members access to critical education to combat health issues relevant to Armenia’s underserved people. WiRED’s Learning Center now offers modules in Armenian on topics such as diabetes, high blood pressure, dental hygiene, smoking cessation and general anatomy.


For information on WiRED’s work in Armenia, go to the WiRED International – Armenia Facebook page.