Alarm Grows over Link between Zika Virus and Microcephaly


Women in Brazil are being warned to avoid mosquitoes and to postpone pregnancy as cases of microcephaly in newborns edge up to 2,800, according to a recent New York Times story.


Microcephaly is a rare and incurable condition in which babies are born with abnormally small heads. Most infants with this tragic malformation die, and the few who survive are brain-damaged for life.


The mosquito-borne Zika virus is being blamed for causing microcephaly, but the connection is unclear. As scientists research and debate the link, the health crisis continues to intensify in Brazil. At present the best medical advice is for women to avoid contracting Zika. Prevention is key to dealing with the Zika outbreak and with the potential link to microcephaly.


WiRED’s recent module on Zika describes the illness and possible association with microcephaly. The module stresses approaches to prevention.


Read about this rapid response Zika module in an earlier story. WiRED will continue to monitor the situation carefully.