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WiRED International partners with the American Federation of Teachers to bring advanced educational resources to West Africa  Full Story

WiRED International completed phase one of a U.S. State Department-sponsored project to outfit medical schools in Iraq with up-to-date, electronic libraries of medical information. The computer networks and extensive CD collections in four medical schools now serve more than 2,500 medical faculty and students in Baghdad and the surrounding region.

That test, an instant success, propels us into Phase II, which is to outfit 11 remaining medical schools in Iraq and nine key hospitals in the Shiite regions of the country. This is a unique opportunity to make an immediate and long-term impact on medical professionals in a region very much in need as we are reminded almost nightly on the evening news.

Physicians and medical students use computers following the dedication of the Medical Information Center at the Medical City Center in Iraq.
If you would like to provide medical information and e-libraries for medical schools in Iraq, please send a check to WiRED International.
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WiRED International partners with the American Federation of Teachers to bring advanced educational resources to West Africa   Full Story

"To bring information technology to the grassroots to help local communities solve local problems"
"We at WiRED have learned that assistance programs are like ropes: you cannot push them, the people must pull them for themselves. Give the people the tools, the training, the ongoing help when and where they need it, and they will take the programs to places you could not have imagined for them."