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The year 2002 is shaping up to be breakout year. The ever-widening network of WiRED Computer Information Centers will serve citizens in developing countries on three continents. Many caring donors have created expanded opportunities as they provided a lifeline to students, their parents, average citizens and professionals.

Thanks to you, tens of thousands of people now benefit from a host of new programs that use the Internet to address human needs. Those of you who have given so unselfishly demonstrate the extraordinary American spirit of helping people in other lands. Your generosity has been a real force for bettering the world through communication and education. We thank you on behalf of the thousands of people whose lives have been touched by your thoughtful giving. We hope we can count on your continued support and assistance in the months ahead.


The WiRED Staff and Volunteers

To make a donation, please print this form and mail it back to WiRED. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program) to open this form--you may download it by clicking here.)

Or, simply send your donation to:

Drawer 371132
Montara, CA 94037-1132
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