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The Republic of Kenya is located on the Indian Ocean in Eastern Africa. Kenyans have a per capita income of $ 271 and a life expectancy of 49 years. About 75% of the work force is engaged in agriculture, mainly as subsistence farmers. In 2000, GDP growth was negative. (Reprinted from The U.S. Department of State Website.)

  • Testimonials from Kenya, July 2003 By various writers . . . Full Story

  • Community Health Information Center Volunteers: The 'hearts and souls' of the Centers By Pauline Karani . . . Full Story

  • Health in the Streets
    By Stella Gitia - Embu CHIC Volunteer
    Embu Community Health Information Center (CHIC) has taken the Embu society by storm. . .
    Full Story

  • My Obligation
    By Bernard Maracha
    My desire to provide health information to people that have faced neglect and hardships in their lives led me to work with street children. . .
    Full Story

  • University of Nairobi College of Health Sciences Opening of WiRED Medical Information Center
    Dedication Speech by Gary W. Selnow, Executive Director, WiRED. . . .Full Story

  • US Ambassador Johnnie Carson dedicated WiRED's Medical Information Center at the College of Medical Sciences of the University of Nairobi. This is the full text of U.S. Ambassador Johnnie Carson 's speech at the dedication ceremony. . . . Full Story

  • 11-year old boy Saves His Family from HIV/AIDS
    By Mary Makokha, Program Manager
    Rural Education and Economic Enhancement Program (REEP)...
    Full Story

  • Nutrition and AIDS: The Crucial Link..."The problem in Kenya is that poverty has made it all but impossible for most people to afford special health care available to people with HIV/AIDS in Western countries." The lack of medication imposes challenges that Rose Otaye confronts with special diets, all of them with common foods and none beyond the economic reach of average people... Full Story

  • WiRED International Expands HIV/AIDS Prevention Services in Kenya
    11 New Community Health Information Centers Open Their Doors. Full Story

  • WiRED International's Community Health Information Center and REEP's Voluntary Counseling and Testing Program Go Hand-in-Hand to Benefit Youth.
    Full Story

  • BUTULA TRADITIONAL HEALERS ACQUIRE A NEW STATUS "Mwanaisha Narotso wears many masks. She not only sells fruit and grains at the local market but she is also a well-known traditional birth attendant and an herbalist.". Full Story

  • Notes from the field. . . an update from Gary Selnow, "It is very rewarding to see the older orphans teaching computer skills to the younger orphans. . ." Full story

  • Perishing For Lack of Knowledge...U.S. National Institutes of Health, Global Strategies for HIV Prevention and Firelight Foundation provide funding for the first nine Community Health Information Centers in Kenya... Full Story

  • Barbara's Story: Impact at the Grass Roots. Full Story

  • April 2002, Medicine at WiRED's Community Health Information Centers: Where Tradition Meets Technology. Full story

  • Pauline's Story: Traditional Healers Benefit from Technology. Full story

  • Pauline Karani, WiRED Community Health Information Centers, Kenya Project Manager. Full Story

  • January 2002 -- AIDS Community Health Information Centers Initiated. Full Story

  • AIDS Link Developed by San Francisco Group -- Kenya Villages Gain Access to Treatment and Research Information. Full story

  • National Institutes of Health Funds WiRED Community Health Information Centers in Kenya. Full Story

  • Twenty-five Community Health Information Centers for Africa. Full Story

  • WiRED Provides Real Hope and Genuine Promise for Orphans in Kenya.
    Full Story

  • How the Message about AIDS Travels. Full Story

  • Shared Vision Brings Wired to Kenya. Read the Article

  • Where Tradition Meets Technology Read the Article

Teens Teach Teens About AIDS Prevention
Click here to read the on-line version of a primer that was written by seven AIDS orphans in Kenya. They use this booklet--written uniquely from the youth perspective--to educate their peers about AIDS and HIV Prevention.
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